Take part in this year’s Boots Night Walk
in support of the Irish Cancer Society
Night Nurses

Boots Ireland is proud to announce this year’s Night Walk in aid of the Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses. We continue to raise funds for this important service which provides end of life care for cancer patients in their own home. Our Night Walk will take place on Tuesday 10th September and this year you can choose one of the below options to get involved.

Please note that there is a sign up fee of €15 for both options below.
  1. Sign up and pay your €15 sign up fee and then join us at our public walk commencing at 7:00 pm at Papal Cross in the Phoenix Park, Dublin 8. Registration will open from 6.15 pm onwards. (Click the sign up button)
  2. Sign up and pay your €15 sign up fee, then walk with us from afar, at a location of your own choosing. (Click the sign up button)
  3. Or donate what you can by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button





Alongside the walk, Honour Tags will be on sale in Boots stores nationwide for €2. Customers can purchase a tag in honour of someone who has survived or passed away from cancer.

The front of the tag allows for the name of the individual, with space on the back for a personal message. One metre will be walked in honour of that person by members of the Boots Ireland team on September 8th.

Boots Ireland has partnered with the Irish Cancer Society
since 2012 and through the support of Boots Ireland
team members, patients and customers within that time
have raised €3.3 million helping to provide over 9,000 nights
of care for the Night Nursing service.

All funds raised from the Night Walk will go towards the Irish Cancer Society Night Nursing service which provides end of life care for cancer patients, allowing them to pass away at home surrounded by family and loved ones as well as giving much needed respite for the family caring for them.

If you’re joining us on the 5km Boots Night Walk on September 10th, make sure to tag us in your social media posts and use #BootsNightWalk2024.

Click here to find out more about Boots/ICS partnership. Click here to access information and supports via the Irish Cancer Society.

Your safety is paramount. If you choose to participate in a walk you must be sufficiently fit and healthy to do so. If you have any existing health conditions which may affect your ability to walk five kilometres you should consult with a doctor before participating.



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